The past 48 hours we have celebrated some small victories. This came on the heels of the past week which was filled with more bad decisions. On Thursday, I had signed up both girls for Taekwondo. After talking with different professionals, I felt this would offer them a way of channeling their anger and aggression from the divorce as well as everything else going on. … Continue reading 48


Emotions are such a wonderful thing. After all, we get to feel an array of emotions on a daily basis. From the time we wake up, Mabe we are happy to see another day, maybe we are not wanting to get out of bed, maybe we feel utter joy at what the day will bring or fear and dread of what lies ahead. Emotions can … Continue reading Emotions


Mom friends. Listen, I have seriously noticed a pattern here, and maybe it’s just me. I know leggings are a popular craze, but I need you all to sit up and pay attention. There are some other mom’s out there that aren’t wearing leggings because it’s the latest fashion obsession. Some of your very best friends are STRUGGLING right now. They are struggling with parenting … Continue reading Leggings


Seventeen. Seventeen years ago today, I gave birth to an 8 pound, 15 ounce baby girl. She would be my last baby to carry, due to health complications. Although I anticipated her birth and had two other children at home, I was still riddled with anxiety about having a new baby, making sure she was okay, and having a heart big enough to love her … Continue reading 17