Apparently I have caused quite a stir on my Twitter for my recent video entitled Dear Lawmakers. If you aren’t familiar with the video it can be viewed here:

This video came on the heels of several laws being passed making it illegal for women to choose abortion, and that these women, along with the physicians performing the acts, could be prosecuted. I attempted to upload to my Instagram to only a few friends, but when I failed, I uploaded it to my Twitter.

Never in a million years did I fathom what could happen next.

Before we go into the details of that, I want to formally address some of the things I have run into since that time. First of all, I have had a Twitter since Twitter became a thing. When I went through painful separation and subsequent divorce, I deleted my Twitter. As I have told you in my previous blog, Twitter and my old blog were unfortunately my online diaries. I had just started a new Twitter in September of 2018, and only followed 8 people. In November, I posted a video to my daughter’s Snapchat after finding a 20 year old in her closet. He and his Taco Bell groupie thought it would be cute to upload to Twitter, and it became viral within hours. This was after repeated attempts of asking them to remove the video, the video which I have rights to. They gave their word that they would, but as you have obviously picked up on, their “word” meant nothing.

Within two hours, mine and my daughter’s lives were forever changed. I had deleted her social media, but within 2 days I had 17K followers on Twitter.

I was mortified.

First of all, it’s hard enough to be dealing with that situation with your daughter. As I have made abundantly clear, I don’t have a lot of help from her father. So imagine having your parenting put on blast, and having it critiqued, all while taking your daughter to be checked for an STD. This too, while the other parties family is on Twitter making death threats. All of this because someone thought it would be cute to post. I had no idea at that point that a Snapchat could be screen recorded, I just picked up that burner phone in anger and started talking.

To make a long story short, NO I did not “put my daughter and personal business on blast” to seek fame. Someone put my daughter and I on blast to hurt us. But, here I was, 17K followers and growing, and I was determined to make sure that the second most hurtful thing I had ever endured would be turned into a positive for myself and my family.

Over the next several months, my Twitter dwindled down to about 12K followers. Probably because I just mainly talk about my children and my day and RT things that I thought were funny. I noticed that anytime I spoke my mind, I would lose followers. I tried to remain careful about what I said and did not say to try and keep everyone happy.

But here’s the thing…

I have lived for almost my entire life trying to conform to what people wanted me to be. As a child, I tried to diet so my mother would love and accept me. I have always been thick, and despite losing 100+ pounds three total times in my life, I have never been successful at keeping it off. With my first marriage, I allowed cheating, while praying he would decide to pick me. In my second marriage, I was made to feel “less superior” anytime I spoke up for what I believed in. I was told by him and his family that I was the problem, and that they walked on eggshells to keep me “happy” (or from speaking my opinion), so I had spent my entire life trying to find my voice, and I had finally found it.

If my voice can change perspectives, change hearts, change minds…if my voice can touch lives, many lives at once through a 2 minute 7 second post, then you can believe that I am going to continue to use it. I want to use all of the hurt and experience that I have been through, and that has molded me into being the open-minded individual that I am today to change the direction of my country. That video was being posted to my friends, those 150 loyal story watchers on Instagram, it now is sitting at 6.2 million views around the world.

I didn’t do anything for the “fame” I spoke up and said what was on my mind that day because 7 short months ago today, my daughter could have been faced with a heavy decision should things have ended differently. I have continued to be called names, criticized, and have come under fire for my opinion, but still I stand in the face of criticism and say open your minds, open your hearts, and not your mouths. You have no idea what is going on in anyone’s lives to know where they are when they are faced with having to make that decision.

Yes, I am THAT mom. Yes, I stand by my words. I have a voice and I am teaching my children that they have one too.