Breaks are so good for the soul. A moment to pause, unwind and de-stress. I just wish all of our breaks fell on or around the same time. For instance, I had Spring Break 3 weeks ago, my children had Spring Break last week, and my niece had Spring Break this week. I wish we could all just come together and say okay Spring Break is March 11th-17th for the entire country. After all, we don’t get a choice for daylight savings, so why do we have to adhere for different weeks of Spring Break? All joking aside, we have not quite gotten out of bipolar weather yet here in Florida. One day it’s 77 and beautiful, the next day its 50 and windy, but the sun will be out and you will THINK it’s 77. I am ready for the weather that we all love to be here all the time.

Speaking of breaks, I am going to take a break and clear some air on some things that I hear from people other than myself. Most of the time, it is from people who go to school with Emma, mainly from some that were called out in the video…but I digress. I want to clear up some rumors. Emma did not pierce her nose to be like anyone else, nor did she cut her hair or dye it to be like anyone else. Emma has gone through quite a bit this past year, and had been asking since I pierced my nose if she could get hers done. This has been about 2 years. She also got to spend the night with her friend and they played around with semi-permanent dye and the blonde highlights she had in her hair took up that dye. So, she cut and colored it to get it back to semi-normal. I’m gonna need you to shut your mouth and go on back to stealing bathing suits from Target.

Secondly, It IS possible to have Emma back on the right path. I have zero to prove to anybody on this earth, because I could give a rats about what people think. She has done very well for herself over these past four months through honesty, accountability, counseling, and surrounding herself with people who make good choices. That doesn’t mean that Emma is perfect, none of us are. It does mean that she is really trying to get herself back on the right path and being successful. Learning to love yourself can be especially challenging, especially when you have roadblocks in the way who tell you one thing, and do another. Learning to love yourself is a process that even most adults find challenging. She continues to amaze me at the progress she is making. She is happy and smiling again and her light is burning brighter than I have seen it in a while.

Last, Emma has made some progress with her dad. At least I hope she has. He took her shopping for her prom dress, and then took her to Panama City with him to work one day. She was ecstatic. I ended up offering him Patty Griffin tickets, but he had to work, so maybe there is some progress being made between the co-parenting relationship as well. It doesn’t help that my youngest, who chose to spend her Spring Break with him came home and told me that they wanted her to move there, so she had a chance at a “normal” life. I called my oldest daughter and was contemplating sending a email to him, at which point she told me “Mom, we have been through enough counseling now to see that the life we had with him was anything but normal” she went on to say that the most stability she has had in her entire life has come through what I have provided her with in the past 4 years. Suddenly, I felt at peace. Some of the questions my kids and family get all the time is “Is your mom that strict” Yes, I am strict, I am trying to raise productive members of society not tits on a boar hog’s ass, but I do it all out of love. The woman you saw in the video had been through a year of pure hell with her teenage daughter, but was still determined not to give up.

I am so glad I never did.