We do a lot of driving in my household with one 17 year old and one 13 year old. It just began happening this year, Emma was so sick last year we barely got to practice, so here lately we are doing a lot of driving. Driving a car and driving me nuts!

I kid about the last one, but ya’ll I just do not have the patience to teach a child to drive this late in my life. She says I scare her because I am holding on to the “oh shit” handle, but I don’t know what else to do! You take a former trauma/ER nurse and put her in a car with a new driver. I think we are all fortunate that there isn’t a little brown stain on the seat!

I was very fortunate with my last child, my wonderful cousin, Meg taught her to drive, and she really does a great job. I had a lot of regret though that I wasn’t able to spend that time with Savannah, so with Emma, I really am trying. I REALLY AM. I am so proud of how far she has come in the past 5 months, and I want to celebrate it, but I also want to live! We went to see my cousin last night for pointers who told me her secret was to just calmly talk through it, and said “It’s better to arrive alive” and I tried that as Emma drove me home. Nothing changed.

Please weigh in and give me some of your pointers on teaching a new teenage driver how to drive? Also, do we lose points as parents if we lie down in the back seat while it’s happening? Just asking for a friend.