I know each of you can look at the dates and see that I posted two blogs in one day, and the fact is you are correct. Between the holidays and school starting back, I literally started the mom friends post in December and didn’t get around to finishing it until today. Such is life. You barely have time to take a breath most days, or at least that is the way I feel right now. I did, however, want to give an update on how things are going our way. So buckle up, because here we go.

I finally got to meet my son’s new girlfriend. He lives about 45 minutes from me, so after Christmas, we decided we would have a time that we all got to meet her. What else can I say but WE LOVE. Savannah and I both just loved her personality and her wit. He is such a private guy so I won’t share too much, but she came to my house that night with homemade cookies and wine! You had me at wine, sis. You had me at wine.

Savannah and I both started back to school, so we don’t get to see each other during the week, and our weekends are filled with studying separately or together. Somewhere in the midst of all of that, we have to get busy planning her wedding. (insert frazzled mom face here) we have a year, but that year will be up before we know it.

My youngest turned 13, she spent $150 yesterday on manga. I will never understand all of that but I keep making an attempt to. She is very smart, has A+ averages in most of her classes, and although she has started a food fight at school, and “twisted her ankle” twice and called me to come to get her out of P.E. she is doing great despite all of the changes we have made recently in rules and boundaries.

Emma. Everyone asks me constantly how this story ends, or how Emma is doing, etc. Emma, in my opinion, is doing great. Our lines of communication have been improving, we have been talking more openly with each other, and she continues to do well. She is still attending school, has started a new job, and has been saving money for a car. She still does not have her phone back, but she does now have a door. She earned that back by January 1st, even though there was a debate in January about how horrible of a parent I was for taking her door, which indeed makes me laugh. As for right now, the biggest obstacle that she and I both face is dealing with her narcissistic father, which I have spoken about briefly, on Twitter, but still, continue to have problems with on a regular. That is another post for another time. For now, Emma is doing great, I am seeing her smile more than frown, and we are back to focusing on the goals that she had for herself before November 13th.

And last, how am I?? Well, I ended up getting off of any medications that I was taking. I have been blessed with the best job that I have ever had, and am in school full-time. My sanity has been restored slowly but surely, and I am careful to remain in self-preservation mode because I know that with one wrong decision, my life could be turned upside down again. I am still focused on turning the negative into the positive, so I continue to answer emails and interact with people from all over the world who continue to share their stories and lives with us as much as I can. I am not losing myself this week, in fact, I feel like I am WINNING. So here’s to New Years, New Beginnings and New Updates. We remain Grateful, Thankful and Blessed.