Mom Friends

This is just a quick blog on my mom friends. Mom friends are the women you surround yourself with who stick with you through thick and thin, lift you up when you are down and continue to help you through the struggles that are child rearing. It doesn’t matter if there is an age gap in your children, what matters is that they are there when you need them and always tell you the truth no matter how bad it hurts. It takes a village, after all, to raise your children. That isn’t just a saying that a random person came up with overnight.

I have a mom friend that lives 4 doors down. She is kind, funny, and speaks life into you at the times you need it the most. I came to know her because Emma and her daughter were friends. This woman and her family have become some of our best friends, and we are so lucky to have them. when everything happened, she and her daughter were the first ones at my house to see and love on Emma and it meant so much. I still don’t think she realizes how much.

I have another mom friend who also lives down the road. Her daughter and Emma became friends, but she became my friend at the WORST possible moment of my life (my divorce) and hasn’t left my side since. My daughter has brought great people into my life, especially at a time when I felt so alone, but out of all the people I have met, so far only these two remain.

Then there are my Tennessee mom friends. The mom friends that I left behind because I so desperately wanted to live by the ocean. The mom friends who still to this day are only a phone call away to offer me words of advice, or wisdom and to talk me through how they handled the situation previously. This past week, I was at home and received a package from Amazon. I opened it and inside was the workbook for the book Boundaries, and the book Boundaries for Teens. I had talked to her previously a couple of nights before after 3 years of not seeing her. A couple of days later, I received the books in the mail. I am so glad she is a part of my tribe!

So here is a shout out to the mom friends, the ones who recognize you have had your leggings on for too long. The ones who pray for your family right along beside you. The ones who no matter what you do, they stand by your side and are your biggest supporters. If you don’t have these type of women in your life, then you need to clean house and find some good ones starting today.