Mom friends.

Listen, I have seriously noticed a pattern here, and maybe it’s just me. I know leggings are a popular craze, but I need you all to sit up and pay attention. There are some other mom’s out there that aren’t wearing leggings because it’s the latest fashion obsession. Some of your very best friends are STRUGGLING right now.

They are struggling with parenting their infants.

They are struggling with parenting their toddlers.

Or if they’re like me, they are struggling with parenting their teens, and those leggings are the only thing they can struggle into each day.


I just realized that one month ago today my life drastically changed. I also realized today that my lifeline, my go to, my everything is my pair of athletic leggings from Walmart no less.

See one month ago today is when the “incident” happened but I would be lying to every single one of you if I told you that was the day that I began to struggle. I actually began to struggle two months before, on September 13th when I lost my job. I had never lost a job in my life, I was the provider of health insurance and the provider of the majority of my family income, but I was also accused of something that I did not do. Devastation doesn’t begin to describe what I felt. I laid in bed for a week crying while writing letter after letter trying to fight for my job back. Emma took me to get a pedicure and I cried through the entire thing. It was then that I realized I needed to get something to make the crying stop, and my doctor placed me on Pristiq. It still took around two weeks before I could even get it together, and finally, I began to be able to pull myself together. Now skip ahead two months on the same day in November at 2:30 a.m. when I found a man in my daughter’s closet. Yep. Struggle doesn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. As you may be able to tell in the viral video, I had been up all night, had no makeup on and guess what I was wearing? My Walt Disney World spirit jersey and my leggings. LADIES. If you have a friend who would normally look her best in every situation, has her full face of makeup on most every day, is always styling in a cute outfit with some cute shoes, and suddenly you notice she isn’t wearing a lick of makeup, has on a t-shirt and looks like her hair hasn’t been washed and she has only been seen the last 5-6 times in leggings, I am gonna need you to call an immediate GNO in someone’s living room, one of which has coasters for the wine, and have a love intervention or maybe even a legging burning ceremony. Trust me when I say that your girlfriend needs you! Even if you just sit and listen to her vent, or maybe you perform an entire ya-ya ceremony. Either way, she will feel the love and support she so desperately needs, and she will thank you later. Now, what are you waiting for?